True Fabrications Flask Reviews

Whether you view the nuptials as a celebration or the end of an era, one of the best gifts for a groomsman is a flask. Just be sure not to give the gift until after the wedding. Otherwise, it may be a ruckus of an event! Or, perhaps, you’re considering an appropriate gift for your soon-to-be father-in-law. Whatever your circumstance, True Fabrications has a wide assortment of flasks for just about any gifting situation.

The Monte Carlo Flask

For supreme sophistication, which is ironic considering you are purchasing a vessel for alcohol on the go, the Monte Carlo flask by True Fabrications is a great buy. The sleek, faux leather cover and the stainless steel design make this flask look great. Whether you are buying for a groomsman or want to give yourself a new piece of apparel, the Monte Carlo is stylish. It has a handy twist-off cap, plus a funnel for easy dispensing. Its traditional six-ounce liquid size also makes it a great purchase. For everyone who wants alcohol at any time and still wants to look great, this flask delivers.

The Groomsmen Flask

Similar to the Monte Carlo, the Groomsmen flask is another great option. The stainless steel design makes it a classy gift for groomsmen, as well as any loved one that wants to look classy and drink classy. It also holds up to six ounces of liquid, being a traditionally sized flask that delivers on functionality and style.

One particularly cool aspect about the Groomsmen flask is the flexibility to make personal engravings. If you want an extra special gift for your groomsmen, you can engrave initials, names, or whatever else you care to put on the flask. Maybe even a threatening message to stay sober until after the reception … or not. You can decide for yourself!

The Carabiner Hip Flask

Named after the handy carabiner for easy transportation, the True Fabrications Carabiner Hip flask is another great buy. It comes in a bright red finish, so if you want to embarrass somebody for wearing a flask and using a carabiner to attach it to their belt loop, go the entire way and buy it in a flaming red!

In all seriousness, though, the Carabiner hip flask is stylish, sleek, and cool. It also comes with an easy, twist-off cap and funnel. The typical six- ounce capacity also makes it a great purchase. Plus, who doesn’t want to rock a bright red hip flask in any situation? Perhaps there’s a fireman in your life?

The Fancy Flask

This next option is truly unique, and takes a truly confident person to wear. The Fancy flask comes in a navy blue and various colored polka-dots design. If you happen not to be a people person and need a quick conversation starter, buy the Fancy flask and any human that breathes oxygen will ask you what the heck you’re drinking from. If you don’t have conversational deficiencies, you can still buy the Fancy flask and definitely stand out from the crowd.

It also comes with the traditional twist-off cap, funnel, and six-ounce fluid capacity, making it just a little bit conventional. Of course, you probably don’t care about conventionality if you are sporting a polka-dot hip flask.

The Four-Ounce and Eight-Ounce Flasks

There’s not much to say about the stainless steel eight-ounce flask. It can carry more booze, which makes it a great purchase if you aren’t satisfied with current amount of on-the-go booze available in the six-ounce version. It is also customizable and comes with the easy twist-off cap. This is only for the die-hard flask fans. Apparently, size does matter, at least according to True Fabrications.

If you want to drink your alcohol with a bit more discretion, the four-ounce flask is another fantastic option. With its smaller size, you can easily hide it in a hip pocket, or even a jacket pocket. This would probably not be the best bet for a groomsmen gift. Who knows how much they could drink before the ceremony? Plus, they might think you’re questioning their manhood.

The Plaid Flask

We’re really not sure who would want a plaid flask, but if you are Scottish at heart or are an incredibly hard-working lumberjack, True Fabrications has also thought of your particular alcohol needs. This unique flask comes in a traditional red plaid. You could maybe even get a matching shirt to go with it! Now that would be drinking in style! Maybe blend it right into your kilt?

The Plaid flask also comes with the typical twist-off cap and funnel. It seems that even lumberjacks have a hard time filling up flasks without funnels. The flask also comes with a five-ounce liquid capacity.

The Clear Flask

Finally, the True Fabrications crème-de-la-crème: the Clear flask. This flask is made from sturdy acrylic and stainless steel and, per the name, it is completely clear. If you want every person to know that you are drinking, buy a flask. If you are so bold that you want every person to know what you are drinking, buy a clear flask.

There are no secrets here, which could make the Clear flask the best gag gift of all. It could also make the best groomsmen flask too. With the twist-off cap and six-ounce fluid capacity, this flask puts all the other flasks to shame. A see-through flask? Now that’s scandalous.

As you can see, True Fabrications really does have a flask for everyone — from groomsmen to lumberjacks. Stop by the company’s website to check out more products from True Fabrications.