What are the Top 5 Vodkas in America?

Walk into any liquor store in America and you will be amazed at the selection of vodkas that are available. So, how do you uncover the top selections? Knowing how to determine which ones outrank the others will help you choose a vodka that is really worth the money you are going to shell out. Luckily, there are some excellent vodkas at a variety of affordable prices.

Even though vodka traditionally originated in Russia, there are still a lot of outstanding vodkas from other parts of the globe. In fact, if you look at the list of the 5 top vodkas in America that we created, you will see that they all come from different places.

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff is easily the top vodka in America. It is very affordably priced and offers a wide variety of flavored vodkas. The company, which started in Russia and is now headquartered in the United Kingdom, topped the list for worldwide vodka sales in 2010.

Smirnoff is also a master of diversity, with a variety of Smirnoff Twist products that feature flavors that appeal to a wide audience. In addition, the company even offers prepared cocktails and malt beverages. It is easily the most recognizable of vodkas sold in the American market and one of the least expensive, making it a favorite for many people.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka, owned by a French company and distilled in Sweden, is another international brand of vodka that was among the top in worldwide sales volume in 2010. It stands out in popularity also for its graphic advertising featuring the recognizable Absolut bottle.

Absolut offers an extensive line of flavored vodkas, as well as its traditional version and a super-premium version. It also has a City series line with both U.S. editions and international editions. These feature combined flavors, representative of the city for which each is named. This unique twist on flavored vodkas is very popular.

Grey Goose Vodka

The goose is loose! Grey Goose Vodka, made and bottled in France, is yet another international chart-topping favorite. It is very well-known and has a reputation for smoothness and for being very mixable. For many vodka snobs, Grey Goose is the preferred choice.

As with many of the other top vodkas, it also offers four additional fruit-flavored vodka specialties: black cherry, pear, orange, and lemon. Whether you are looking to create a premium cocktail or impress guests with the quality of vodka you serve, Grey Goose is a time tested good choice.

Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One has a much smaller line of products than some of the other top vodkas in America. This Dutch vodka is extremely clean and is a great choice for a drink on the rocks. In fact, some even say it is a waste to mix it in cocktails. Its small batch production method, which the company has been using for 300 years, makes for sophisticated drinking.

Ketel One seems to be more of a purist than many other vodka lines. It only offers two flavored vodkas: orange and lemon/lime versions. They both have delicate flavors and are not as bold as some of the other flavored vodkas.

Chopin Vodka

Chopin is the only Polish vodka to make the list. It is also the only one that has not embraced the popularity of flavored vodka. The distillery produces only three different types of single-ingredient vodka: potato, rye, and wheat. It is a super-premium vodka that is extremely popular.

A rising star, Chopin has won a variety of awards for quality. Its potato vodka, especially, has done very well in tastings and spirit ratings. If you are a vodka snob, Chopin is definitely one that you need to have in your collection of vodkas.

How Big is Vodka as Part of the Overall Spirits Market?

According to Forbes.com, vodka makes up 25% of spirits sold in America. For an alcohol that is supposed to be clear, tasteless, and with little to distinguish it, this is a great feat. Distillers of the top vodka lines have done a great job of creating exciting new flavored vodkas that have wide appeal and offering premium vodkas for which they can demand a higher price. No doubt, the versatility of vodka is what makes it the most popular spirit sold in America. The diversity represented in the selection of top vodkas in America shows that Americans embrace all types of vodka from around the world.

While any list of the top vodkas is going to be different based on whether you are listing them by sales volume, an individual’s taste, imported or domestic products, or any of a variety of other factors, the top 5 vodkas listed here show up on practically every list. When you are looking for a trusted top vodka, any of these five are a sure bet!