What Does Your Drink of Choice Say About You?

There is a vast selection of options when you slide up to a bar, ready to order, but what does your choice say about you? Every drink has its own stereotype so it’s probably a wise decision to get informed before ordering that pretty drink with an umbrella.

Though stereotypes are only true so often, many people use them to create their opinion of you. You need to understand what your drink of preference may be telling everyone in a bar or restaurant about you, as well as those in your immediate vicinity. Then, if you don’t like what it is saying, choose a different drink to reflect your true self.

Is it true about Men and Fruity Drinks?

The common misconception when a man orders an outrageously colored drink with funky garnishes and a little umbrella is that he is showing his feminine side. Typically seen as a woman’s drink, due to the color and addition of accessories, fruity cocktails are meant to be fun and tasty.

While someone who orders a flashy cocktail may or may not be less manly than the next guy, there is one truth that you should realize about the drinkers of such concoctions. What the fruity cocktails really show about you is that you really don’t like the taste of alcohol. Such drinks are really meant to hide the taste of alcohol under all of those syrups, juices, and additives. The umbrellas and garnishes are merely icing on the cake.

If you order daiquiris, coladas, anything blue, or any drink that has chocolate in it, then you probably just don’t like the taste of hard liquor. If you did, then you would order whiskey shooters or a drink like a martini, which is just about 100% alcohol.  Really, you just can’t handle the hard stuff!

What does Beer show about you?

Beer is one of those alcoholic drinks that is a great equalizer; it is enjoyed by the poor and the meek as much as the high and mighty. Beer has been around for thousands of years, so it certainly has staying power. Enjoyed by Egyptians, Romans, and plumbers alike, beer has left its mark on history.

However, beer does still have a bit of a low-brow stigma associated with it. The stereotype associated with beer is that it is generally the choice of the working class. Yet, today’s wide choice of beers lends shades of meaning that can overcome the stereotype.

Ordering a common, American-made beer can show that you are a no-frills, straight shooter who likes the simple things in life. Ordering a regional microbrew can show your fellow drinkers that you care and support the local economy and mom-and-pop enterprises.

Foreign beers illustrate your worldliness or exotic qualities. Ordering a high-end beer means that you like the finer things in life, and that you’re not afraid to pay a bit more for good quality. Of course, if you drink your beer warm, like they do in England, it just shows that you are just plumb crazy!

Are Wines and Champagnes Too Fussy?

Wine and champagnes also have a stigma or stereotype, just like beer, but it is usually the other side of the coin. Many believe that wine lovers are snooty or pretentious, yet wine has been around just as long as beer.

Also like beer, there are many different types and qualities of wines and champagnes, so choose the one that best illustrates what you are all about. For instance, a nice red wine merely shows that you care about your heart health. If you enjoy wine from a box, then those around you will know how thrifty and low-brow you really are.

Ordering champagne just means that you have something to celebrate, and a nice white or blush shows that you have a delicate palate. Lastly, drinking many glasses of wine lets everyone know how well you dance on tables, so what’s not to love?

What does Hard Liquor say about me?

Spirits and hard liquor also have their own set of stereotypes, so it is a good idea to know what each says about you before ordering. For instance, any type of rum shows that you enjoy some adventure or that you wish to be a pirate. Similarly, ordering any kind of tequila indicates to others that you are a wild party-er and will quite likely be an easy pick-up later in the evening.

Orders of straight whiskey show that you are serious about your drinking, and a scotch with anything indicates that you have really peculiar tastes. Bourbon is another hard liquor that shows that you are serious about your drinking and that your liver just needs to shut up and quit whining.

What about Cognacs and Liqueurs?

There are also many hard liquors that mask themselves in a sugary taste and silly vocabulary like “quaff” and “bouquet.” If your favorite drink is served in little glasses, needs to be swirled to breathe, or is meant for “after dinner,” then you should know that your go-to drink shows that you are a bit frilly.

It is the same as wearing fussy boots that need to be buckled, zipped, and shined before you can go out. If your drink needs as much attention before imbibing as a four-year old, then that shows your need for strict ritual, and that you very well may have a slightly neurotic bent.