What Is an Alcohol Destination Vacation?

alcohol vacationFor some people, an ideal vacation is sitting on a beach with golden sunshine and white sand. For others, the perfect trip is found in an alcohol destination vacation. That’s right; we’re talking about two weeks off, no responsibilities, and plenty of alcohol for company.

So what is an alcohol destination vacation? Simply put, it is a tourist destination with a focus on the production, consumption, or history of alcohol, or any combination thereof. It’s a destination you visit simply because you’re into adult beverages of all kinds. There’s only one catch: no children allowed. Alcohol destinations do not make for great family vacations.

What are some examples of alcohol destinations?

All of us have a family member or two whose idea of an alcohol destination is the backyard hammock. Give them a couple of kegs and a few days to kill and they’re as happy as a pirate with a load of rum. But we’re talking about a real vacation. We’re talking about packing your bags and actually going somewhere.

For example, women’s travel website Wanderlust and Lipstick (don’t you love that name?) recommends a tour of the Temecula Valley Wine Country in Southern California. It’s recommended as a great destination for people who want to get a taste of authentic European wine tasting without the messiness of traveling overseas.

Frankly, there are people who prefer overseas alcohol destinations to mitigate the risks of any news getting back home. Sometimes Vegas just isn’t far enough. But if that doesn’t bother you, Temecula Valley might be your cup of wine.

If you prefer to go overseas, you might consider a visit to Scotland. Plum Deluxe magazine claims that Scotland is well worth visiting just for the whiskey alone. And by the way, if it’s the real deal from Scotland, it will be spelled “whisky” without the “e.” Apparently, the Scottish are sensitive about their vowels.

As Plum Deluxe tells it, you can join in some great whiskey tastings in the Scottish Highlands, the Hebrides Islands, or the Strathspey region, which, allegedly, has the highest concentration of distilleries in that part of Scotland. If you can find a handful of free tours, you can easily round out a couple weeks of travel.

Why take an alcohol destination vacation?

The fact that you’re visiting this website causes us to believe this question is a bit rhetorical. Nonetheless, we’ll try to answer it as honestly as we can.

The alcohol destination vacation is for the person who―wink, wink―enjoys discovering new alcoholic beverages and the rich experiences that come with them. They live for the subtleties of flavor, the delicate colors, and the unique character that comes straight from the soul of the master distiller. And if you believe that, we have a cheap piece of real estate for sale in South Florida.

The real reason is actually much simpler: Alcohol is fun. Most of us who consume alcohol on a regular basis do so because it adds an element of enjoyment to any occasion. That being the case, combining a vacation with an alcohol destination could qualify as the dictionary definition of “best trip ever.”

If you’re a sports lover, combining your taste for alcohol with your game of choice could be even better. You could do a craft brewery tour of Chicago before heading off to the baseball stadium. You could spend a week at Germany’s Oktoberfest and take in a couple of soccer games. Sports and drinking are as perfect a match as chocolate and peanut butter.

Are alcohol destination vacations expensive?

If cost is an issue, the way to keep from going broke is to do your homework ahead of time. Look for destinations where you can get free stuff: free tours, free T-shirts, and yes, free beer. That way you’ll only have to pay for the transportation and lodging. Oh, and maybe aspirin.

Keep in mind that the type of alcohol you normally drink may have an impact on the cost of your vacation as well. For instance, if you insist on drinking only fine wines from the South of France, you can expect your alcohol vacation destination to cost you an arm and leg.

If your idea of a fine alcoholic beverage is a cold bottle of Guinness, a week spent touring bars in Boston is a lot cheaper. Go around the St. Patrick’s holiday and you’ll be treated to some very special events, including the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade. But be prepared to share your vacation with more than half-a-million new friends.

Whatever you do, remember to be on your best behavior. The last thing you need is to be sampling your favorite tequilas in Mexico, only to get carried away and find yourself in a small cell surrounded by men with rap sheets, tattoos, and scars in equal numbers. You may end up pawning your iPhone and plane tickets just to hire an attorney.

There are lots of ways to enjoy your annual vacation. If you’re the kind of person who’s into adult beverages, an alcohol destination vacation may be just what you’re looking for. Have fun, be safe, and remember the most well-known piece of drinking advice ever given: Bottoms up!