What makes an 8 oz Flask the ideal gift for men?

If you need a gift for someone that enjoys good food and liquor, you may be hard pressed to find another gift of equal value. An 8oz flask is a great gift and keepsake that is both functional, and elegant plus there is an 8 oz flask that will suit the taste of almost anyone on your list.

8 oz Flasks as Keepsakes

Once made of leather and glass, flasks today are predominantly made of stainless steel. This prevents corrosion within the flask and makes for an easily engraved surface. Whether engraved with a name, date, or memorable quote, flasks can turn a great day into an even more memorable day. At a wedding, they are an ideal gift for the groom, or even the groomsmen; at the birth of a first born child, they are a celebration of the start of a new life; and at the completion of college graduation, they are a symbol of student’s transition into manhood. Flasks are a keepsake that will remain in the family for generations often creating a tradition that can be passed down from parent to child.

8 oz Flasks for Discretion and Etiquette

If you are looking for a flask of your own, an 8 oz flask is the most popular choice for discreet alcoholic consumption. For themed events, a flask can even add an extra bit of flair to your costume.

Other Uses for an 8 oz Flask

An 8oz flask is not limited to the carriage of alcohol. Able to carry almost any liquid, these flasks can fulfill a variety of needs. For example; taking a flask on a hike acts as a fashionable and environmentally friendly way to carry water, rather than carrying a bulky plastic bottle.

Choosing the Right Flask

An 8 oz flask is one of the most popular choices in flask purchases as it can hold more than 4 shots of liquor and is still small enough to fit in a jacket, or pant pocket. If you are choosing to have the flask monogrammed, there is enough space to neatly display both large and small initials. Neither too bulky nor small, the 8oz flask is the ideal size for discreet travel.

Smaller flasks, such as the popular 6 oz flask, are easier to store on your person. Trading off volume for ease of carry is a personal choice and depends on the situation as well as the liquid that is being carried. For personal consumption or when carrying liquids with a high alcohol content, a 6 oz flask may suffice. If you plan to share your beverage or are carrying a liquid with lower alcohol content, you will likely want the added volume of an 8 oz flask. While a 6 oz flask is optimal for personal carry, an 8 oz flask is a good balance between extra volume and carrying convenience.

How to Take Care of Your 8 oz Flask

A flask, similar to any item you would eat or drink from, needs to be kept clean. The outside should remain polished and the inside should always be rinsed to prevent contamination. The mouthpiece should be especially cared for, as germs from your mouth could taint the inside of the flask.

Do not allow friends to sip from your flask; this is an easy way to pass bacteria. Many flasks come with funnels and shot glasses that make sharing clean and easy.

A Lasting Impression

No matter what size flask you buy the chances are this gift will begin a lifetime of memories for you and the new owners.