What Type of Drink Should I Order For a Stripper?

Everyone likes to have drinks ordered for them, even workin’ gals like strippers. Having a drink bought for you is the equivalent of a compliment in the complex and esoteric language of the bars and strip clubs. It’s also an invitation of sorts.

Certainly, men can be strippers too, so you might be buying a drink for a male stripper. Deciding what kind of drink to buy for a stripper depends upon what you want to tell the stripper in question. Use the following tips and tricks to help you decide.

What drinks will compliment a stripper’s abilities in the workplace?

You may wish to compliment said stripper’s fine performance skills, a bit like giving a good tip to a waiter or busboy. There are a few drinks that will tell the stripper that you think he or she is just aces on the pole or stage.

There is the Strip and Go Naked, which combines vodka and beer. Or you could try the Strip and Yell, which uses Rebel Yell bourbon whiskey and other spirits.

There are also drinks called the Playboy Bunny, the Playmate, and the Porn Star if you want to tell a female stripper that you think she’s destined for bigger and better things.

Keep in mind that strippers are at work. They would probably prefer an actual tip in cash over a drink. Put it in terms of whatever it is you do for a living. Would you rather have money or a pink-colored drink for a job well done?

Which drinks might a stripper find humorous?

Sometimes the way to a stripper’s heart is to make ‘em laugh. There are few people out there – strippers or otherwise – who don’t love a good laugh.

Many strippers will have a tough sense of humor that will allow them to laugh at what they do for a living. Less-than-delicate words such as “bitch” will not offend their sensibilities.

In such an instance, you might try ordering a drink for a stripper that is offensive, but will be seen as humorous. Drinks such as the Redheaded Slut—or any of its variations—are offensive in name, but it’s funny because such words probably hold no power over a stripper. They have likely heard them all.

There is the Redheaded Slut, the Dirty Redheaded Slut, the Blonde Headed Slut, and so on. Each is a play on the color of the drink, as the redheaded drinks use raspberry liqueurs or cranberry juice and the blond headed drinks use peach or pineapple, etc.

There are many variations from which to choose. Other options include Bimbo Juice and Bitch’s Tit. The stripper you order it for will either be laughing or seriously pissed off, so be prepared for either.

Which drinks offer an innuendo?

There are many drinks that can work as a come-on to the stripper of your choice. Again, be prepared for both success and stiletto-throwing anger. You never know which way it’s going to go.

For a light come-on, there are drinks such as the Slippery Nipple, the Angel’s Tit, and Boobies in Manhattan. If you want to be more direct, try a Screaming Orgasm, Sex on the Beach, or a Sloe Comfortable Screw. There isn’t much room for misinterpretation with such drinks.

Don’t be surprised if your stripper gladly accepts your offer of a drink and then leaves to enjoy it elsewhere once it arrives. They are strippers, not prostitutes or blatant sex maniacs. Then again, you never know until you try.

Which drinks say I love you?

Most strippers are probably pretty used to the puns and innuendos that go along with their chosen fields. It might be a breath of fresh air to just get a nice compliment rather than a raunchy come-on.

To attempt this, you can play it cool with just a normal drink. Buy the stripper a beer or something classy like a martini or Manhattan.

Another option is to order a really nice-sounding drink. Try a Beautiful Lady, a Lady Godiva, or a Pretty Thing drink. Rather than try to impress a stripper with your debonair wit when it comes to references such as slut or bitch, you can surprise her with a really nice compliment.

However, one of the best methods just might be to ask the stripper what he or she would like. After all, strippers are people too. Perhaps they abstain from alcohol, such as those strippers that are working to put themselves through medical school. They might want to avoid the damaging effects of alcohol.

Other strippers might only drink light beer. Strippers have to stay in shape you know. They may not want a drink that is full of cream or sugar.

Some strippers may not want you to talk to them at all. They might be very private people. You could order them a million drinks, and they wouldn’t accept one. Yeah, right!