When to Stop Buying Your Date Drinks

Buying someone a drink or two, or five, has always been a way to show your interest and display your buying power to attract a mate. It also helps your cause, as alcohol naturally lowers inhibitions, turning a date into a bom-chicka-wa-wa kind of evening.

However, there is a delicate balance between the number of drinks and the amount of money you are spending that will ensure success. Mathematicians are currently working on a formula that will achieve a homerun every time. As soon as they have it worked out and have won the Nobel Prize, you won’t need to decide for yourself when you should stop buying your date drinks. Until that day, read on for some tips.

Also note that the following is for girls buying a drink for a date as much as for guys. While the former inarguably have an easier time with seducing a date, there is the odd situation or so where the date’s thick skull has made him naïve as to the lady’s intentions.

You’ve Sealed the Deal

Obviously, if your date has indicated through body language or out-and-out assertion using a particular four-letter word that you’re on the same page, then you need to save your money for the cab ride home. At such a point, buying another drink may bring you closer to the following scenarios rather than the evening you envisioned.

You could continue the chivalrous buying of drinks and flashing of money by buying a non-alcoholic drink. A cup of coffee, an expensive bottled water (don’t cheap out now!), or a soda will show your date that you are still willing to shell out the greenbacks, but that you don’t want your evening’s tête- à-tête to be ruined by too much alcohol.

You’re Striking Out

On the other hand, you might just need to stop beating a dead horse. If it is really obvious that your date is not going to end the way you would like it to, then you can probably stop buying your date drinks. Of course, such a course of action could effectively end your relationship, thus ensuring that you would never get another chance at bat, so to speak. If this is only your first or second date, then give it a few more tries at a later time.

How do you know if it’s a lost cause? First, watch your date’s body language. If your date wrinkles his or her nose, or sneers or hisses with bared teeth when you come near, then it ain’t happenin’. Also, if your date is leaving with someone else, then you can pretty much chalk the night up to one for the losing column. A great remedy for this is to start buying drinks for someone else!

Puking Is Near

Another time when you might want to stop stuffing alcoholic beverages into your date in the hope of being invited in for coffee at the end of the night is if all that alcohol is about to make its way back up. Few things ruin a romantic mood as much as little bits of half-digested food and stomach bile pouring forth from the mouth of your object of affection.

You might be dealing with a lightweight who doesn’t really drink that often, and throwing up is the body’s natural reaction to the poison that is alcohol. If your date starts to get really sloppy, then you should probably switch to something non-alcoholic or maybe some food to head off regurgitation.

If your date starts uttering things like “why is the room spinning” or “I think I’m gonna puke,” then you have probably gone past the point of no return. Put that one down to experience, and try to remember your date’s cut-off point the next time. Or, you might not be the sort to admit defeat so easily. You could certainly buy a toothbrush and some mouthwash for your date and charge ahead with your plans; but still–gross!

Unconsciousness Has Occurred

Lastly, you would have to be brain-dead yourself not to realize that you’ve struck out if your date is passed out somewhere. If that doesn’t kill the romance, then nothing will. In order to have an opportunity for a second chance at a later time, make sure you get your date home and in bed, gently putting them on their sides so they don’t choke on their vomit. Leave a bucket lovingly by their bed, and put some aspirin and a glass of water on the bedside table for the morning’s hangover.

Leave a sweet note that doesn’t mention any projectile vomiting or bad karaoke from the night before. Also, make sure before you leave your date to passed-out blissfulness that he or she doesn’t actually need the emergency room for a good old stomach pumping.

Dating and Drinking can be fun but you have to know the limits otherwise you may just have to make up a story for your friend to justify the expense the night before.