Who Is the Most Interesting Man in the World?

Dos Equis Most Interesting Guy in the World“I don’t always do ad campaigns, but when I do, they are unforgettable.” Cue the Spanish guitar. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, you recognize that as part of one of the most successful ad campaigns in recent years: Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World.”

The ad campaign started in 2006, and it appears on television, radio, and the Internet, and in print. The ads usually feature a narrator sharing stories about the most amazing man we would ever have the good fortune to meet. Meeting him was certainly fortunate for Dos Equis, as they’ve seen sales increase every year since the campaign began.

Who is the Most Interesting Man in the World character?

What do we know about this international man of mystery and untold accomplishment? Well, judging by the bevy of beauties who surrounds him, we know this character is a bit of a ladies’ man. On a related note, it’s probably safe to infer that he is both single and heterosexual.

The character has an impressive and well-kept beard, which, according to the stories, has some impressive history of its own. He speaks with an accent, perhaps Spanish, but possibly Mexican. He also apparently has a pet cougar and a fair amount of money, judging by the cougar’s diamond-studded collar.

The hobbies of the most interesting man in the world could probably fill several books. At the very least, it is known that he sails, lifts weights, fences, and skydives. It seems that every commercial unveils a new layer of this complicated and interesting man.

Which Actor plays the part of the Most Interesting Man in the World?

The strikingly bearded visage you see in the Dos Equis commercials, perhaps a little reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway, is actually that of Jonathon Goldsmith. At 70+ years old, Goldsmith has quite an interesting story of his own.

Goldsmith acted on the New York theater circuit, where he had a heated rivalry with a young Dustin Hoffman. He moved on to television, where he had the distinction of being killed by Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke five times. He was also shot by John Wayne himself in Wayne’s last film, The Shootist.

Other noteworthy accomplishments of the man pretending to be the most interesting man in the world include being asked to leave NYU for excessive partying and an alleged fling with a female professor, as befits the reputation of the character he plays. Another similarity with his character is his affinity for big cats – he once hand-fed a tiger.

Of course, there are also some differences between Goldsmith and his iconic character. For instance, he is not Hispanic, but rather a Russian Jew who grew up in New York. He is also happily married to his agent. Perhaps most interestingly, he is not really terribly fond of beer.

Who inspired the voice of the Most Interesting Man of the World?

Jonathon Goldsmith’s good friend, the late Fernando Lamas, was the inspiration behind the accent and inflection of his character. This is the same Fernando, by the way, on whom Billy Crystal based his famous Saturday Night Live character. It turns out that Lamas was a pretty interesting guy in his own right.

Fernando Lamas played the romantic lead in a number of big-budget MGM productions with such beauties as Lana Turner and Esther Williams. He was quite a ladies’ man in real life, too. In addition to his two ex-wives in his home country of Argentina, he had well-publicized flings with Lana Turner, Arlene Dahl (who became his third wife) and Esther Williams, who became his fourth wife.

He was quite an athlete, with trophies in boxing and fencing. He was also an avid swimmer, horseback rider, and sailor. He often sailed with his friend Jonathon Goldsmith, which must have led to some very interesting voyages indeed, considering their contributions to the creation of the most interesting man in the world.

Why is the “Most Interesting Man in the World” so appealing?

Everyone can relate to the concept of the most interesting man in the world. Let’s face it – you know somebody who you consider to be the most interesting man or woman in the world. Everybody does. Perhaps more to the point, everybody knows somebody who THINKS they are the most interesting man or woman in the world.

There is also a tendency for us to see just a little bit of ourselves in the most interesting man in the world. For men, at least, there is this deep desire to be the guy who has been everywhere and done everything, with the most beautiful women at his side. It is the essence of the beer commercial – “This beer can make all your dreams come true; just look at what it did for this guy.”

Whether you view the most interesting man in the world as a character, an ad campaign, the actor who plays him, or the man who inspired him, the concept clearly makes an impact. As such, the mere fact that we all want to know who the most interesting man in the world really is proves that the ad campaign is a success.