Why Is Rehab So Expensive?

Rehab ProspectRehab is an experience that many people go through. Some go through it multiple times in a lifetime. It seems like a rite of passage for many movie stars and celebrities is to do at least one stint in that illustrious rehab, the Betty Ford Clinic.

However, few people have the cash to burn to attend rehab like it’s a mini vacation at a personal spa. Rehab is very expensive, and there are a multitude of reasons why rehab will really tap your wallet. So, when you are putting out your savings for your alcohol or drug addiction, make sure to leave some for a potential rehab stay down the road.

What is Rehab?

Many people drink alcohol or use drugs recreationally on occasion. And then some people pretty much spend all of their time abusing some substance or another. When a drug or alcohol addiction interferes with your life to the point where your life becomes unmanageable, rehab might be your only hope.

Rehab – short for rehabilitation – is any medical facility that is designed to help those with an addiction to alcohol or drugs get clean. Many rehab facilities incorporate a detoxification unit, medical staff, and mental health staff to help patients overcome the challenges of addition.

Since many addicts and alcoholics also have mental health issues and health problems stemming from addiction, many rehab facilities use a multi-faceted approach to cure the crazies and sickness that accompany falling off the wagon, riding a white horse, dancing with Mr. Brownstone, or powdering one’s nose too often.

Usually, patients stay at the rehab facility full-time, though there are out-patient rehab facilities for patients who are more trustworthy addicts. Generally, rehab patients must stay at the facility for a number of days, such as a month or more. Many times, rehab patients are court-ordered to be in rehab, and checking out would mean violating parole.

What Expenses are Part of Rehab?

Rehab is expensive for a number of reasons. First, rehab centers are medical facilities, and they must pay the exorbitant salaries of people with medical doctorates and nursing degrees. Psychologists and mental therapists are also part of this equation. This plethora of medical staff is to ensure that as few people as possible die from detox and rehab. It’s the same reason why it is so expensive to spend time at the hospital. On a high note, those doctors can and do prescribe all kinds of drugs to help patients through the process; it may seem counterintuitive to give powerful narcotics to alcohol and drug addicts, but apparently it does work.

Then, rehab facilities also have all the expenses of a hotel, such as buying furniture and bedding, daily cleaning costs, and overhead costs like electric and phone lines. Visiting rehab is quite like a hotel, minus the mini bar.

If you go to a really posh rehab place, then they also have to pay for the pool to be cleaned and the horse stalls to be mucked out. Then there are the salaries of the massage people who put those hot stones on your back; what that has to do with curing addiction is a mystery but it certainly feels nice.

Furthermore, rehab facilities must also give patients at least three square meals a day. Many alcoholics and addicts are so caught up in their addiction of choice that, over time, they have sort of forgotten about eating food; very similar to how a supermodel forgets about it.

Most addicts and alcoholics can use some fattening up to help improve their overall health and strength. It also helps with the oral reflex, as food can go into the mouth instead of alcohol or drugs. Perhaps rehab facilities for overeaters could study giving patients drugs and alcohol? Just an idea.

Then, rehab facilities also have to pay all the costs of any other business, such as advertising, insurance costs, and office supplies. Rubber bands and paper clips don’t grow on trees, you know. All told, it costs quite a lot to try to put a human being back together.

Are There Low-Cost Rehab Programs?

Health insurance can certainly help with the costs of a stint in rehab, though most just cover the medical costs; room and board must be paid by the patient. These costs must be paid up-front, ‘cause rehab employees ain’t stupid – they know how addicts and alcoholics are about money.

There are some charitable organizations and such that use fundraising and donations to help some rehab facilities to stay as inexpensive as possible. Many addicts and alcoholics have burned through their money, their parent’s money, and money gotten from stealing and pawning the tools and jewelry from the houses down the street so its not a good business plan to count on charging the credit cards of patients expecting them to work.

There also might be some state-run rehab facilities, though most states just call it prison. So make sure that your alcohol or drug problem doesn’t use up all of your money. Rehab costs a lot!